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Liberation and Renewal

I rang in the new year surrounded by artist. We touched up a mural late into the night and I loved every moment. It was a great way to end an exciting turning point in my life; I finally stopped saying 'I can't' in 2016. My boss believed it was so symbolic that I was painting the butterfly. He has worked with me off and on for nearly a decade. Through patience, he taught me lessons that I am just now starting to understand.

We're five days into 2017 and I have already attempted a new project: My first camouflage body painting. We didn't get to complete the painting due to the weather but it was an amazing experience. This year for me will include 24 body paintings (if not more) with 2 being completed each month. My second goal is to tackle learning art techniques that I have avoided yet needed many times.

We are the creators of our own realities. Our free time is invested as we see fit. I have a watch I wear almost everyday that was given to me by my brother. It doesn't have the time... so I probably shouldn't call it a watch. For me, it is a reminder that my time is my own and I am ultimately in control on how I choose to spend it. "No time like the present" I'd say when I'd show off my favorite accessory. Today was different. "Time is a gift" was my interpretation in light of all that has happened lately. Negativity is a thief of time. We cannot allow it to inhabit our thoughts and take away from our desires. Use it wisely.

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