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What I did not see... pt 1

Looking through files from yesteryear on my computer, I came across the younger me. Pictures from long ago show what I did not see... my potential. Projects I had completely forgotten about were a necessary part of making me the artist I am today. The future of my art career was not on my mind; I was just enjoying the moment. I still naively viewed art as something I just 'did'. I was completely blind to my own passion and talent. Fast forward to about a year ago, I was sitting at my grandmother-in-law's kitchen table with my first palette of face paint. My sweetheart just began a new career that would take him away for months at a time and I needed to keep my mind busy. There it was, a small kit of 6 colors. I bought it and it quickly ran out. I thank everyone who has been a willing (and patient) canvas for me.

Awww I was trying really hard
All done!

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